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Sonexis Announces Release of ConferenceManager 10.1

Sonexis provides affordable conferencing solutions for the Enterprise

ConferenceManager provides a secure, easy-to-administer, and cost effective alternative to the spiraling costs associated with pay-per-minute service provider conferencing models. By offering audio & web within a single platform and PBX agnostic, Sonexis provides a turn-key conferencing solution for ANY customer environment.

ConferenceManager scales easily-from as little as 12 to 1000 audio/web ports and allows customers to easily change port counts in any increment, protocols, or features simply by applying a new software license key. For customers, this translates to unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to buy what they need when they need it. When configured with ConferenceBurst Sonexis allows the system to dynamically scale beyond the number of licensed ports on-demand. With ConferenceBurst enabled you see a much more compelling return on investment!

Sonexis ConferenceManager can be deployed as:

  • Customer Premised Solution
  • Managed Service Offering (MSO) or
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Learn more about Sonexis ConferenceManager.



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