Tactical Digital is a full-service provider of electronic discovery services. We have sourced a team of expert project managers and consultants to work collaboratively with our clients. Our expertise is what, our customers say, sets us apart from the competition. That is why some of the largest and most prestigious law firms, consultancies, financial institutions and corporate legal departments entrust their complex matters to our seasoned professionals.

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Tactical Digital is committed to judiciously guiding our clients through the discovery process. Our best-practices e-discovery protocols nimbly adjust to case-specific requirements. In order to mitigate risks, streamline processes and provide exceptional value for your investment, we continually assess new technology, to acquire best-of-breed solutions. Our suite of services comprises a consolidated solution covering all phases of the EDRM: Planning, Early Case Assessment, Forensics, Processing and Production, SAS 70 Audited Secure Hosting, Online Document Review, Managed Review, and Virtual Deal Room

By combining our experts with the industry's most advanced, proven technology, Tactical Digital has evolved to become a preferred provider to discerning clients who insist on accuracy, efficiency and cost certainty.

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