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Case Study: National Transportation Safety Board


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency charged with determining the probable cause of transportation accidents, promoting transportation safety, and assisting victims of transportation accidents and their families. The NTSB provides a fair and impartial adjudicatory process for appeal of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificate actions and denials, as well as some civil penalty actions through proceedings before the administrative law judges and appellate review of the judges’ decisions. The adjudicatory process is managed by the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) and General Counsel (GC) offices within NTSB.

Client Challenge

Due to the nature of the agency’s core mission to investigate transportation accidents and incidents, the NTSB investigators frequently operate in remote locations. In response to a recommendation from Aviation Safety Regional Investigators, the NTSB needed to obtain virtual fax services to support the agency’s investigative and support staff.

Tactical Digital Solution

Tactical Digital implemented EasyLink’s popular Fax2Mail service. The virtual fax service enabled NTSB investigators and support staff the convenience and flexibility of sending and receiving fax transmissions within the email system. This includes fax to email and email to fax. During the course of a typical investigation, the investigators receive artifacts from various parties and benefit from the convenience of receiving those artifacts as PDF documents via the virtual fax service. Additionally, the NTSB uses the concept of group fax accounts and group email accounts to receive and monitor FAA alerts and notifications by region. All members of each particular email security group have access to view the notices and take appropriate action. In addition to the Regional Investigative Offices’ use of fax and email group accounts, group accounts are also used for public input (FOIA, Public Inquiries, NTSB Training Center, notice of appeals, and various safety forums). The business case involves the convenience of receiving faxes as PDF documents and leveraging technology in order to allow groups to monitor and act upon incoming alerts, notifications, and public inquiries.


  • Eliminated capital costs, telecom charges and ongoing maintenance with a 100% cloud-based solution.
  • Fax2Mail uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption to secure all sent and received files.
  • Solution is environmentally friendly and reduced carbon footprint with less paper, toner and other supplies.
  • Fax2Mail creates digital versions of paper faxes that can be sent, received, edited, and archived within email accounts.
  • The Fax2Mail service delivered enhanced messaging reliability, availability and security.

Quick Facts

  • Number of NTSB accounts: 440
  • Number of fax machines replaced: 20
  • Monthly volume of pages: 2000
  • Reason selected EasyLink (actually Tactical Digital)
  • Competitive Bid process.
  • Not requiring any significant hardware or software modifications on the part of the NTSB to begin service
  • Offering an uncomplicated, multi-tiered pricing structure
  • Free 30 day archival
  • Fast initial startup schedule
  • A simple procedure for using the service
  • An overall sound security posture

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