Notifications and Reminders

Notify tens, hundreds, thousands, or more by phone, fax, email or text message instantly. School is closed. Register for the conference. Your order is ready for pickup. “Please report to the Southside Complex tomorrow. Press 1 to acknowledge this message or 2 to be connected to the Scheduling Office.”

For Notifications and Reminders We Partner With This Brand
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OpenText EasyLink
OpenText EasyLink Fax2Mail

Remind clients, customers and staff of their appointments, deliveries, work schedules and the like. “You have an appointment with Dr. Jones at 2:45 Friday, September 12th. We’ll see you then!

Announce important events, sales, meetings, and conferences

Distribute newsletters, documents, and invoices.

Use a web page form to upload the numbers, then phone in the message, and choose when the messages will be sent. Emailed reports will show success or failure for each message. An API is available to automate the process.

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