Hosted Phone Systems

The reliability and quality you need for your business telephone requirements can now be delivered by IP technology. And with it you can slash both capital expenditures and recurring costs because with Voice over IP (VoIP) there is no PBX on your premises.

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Fusion Connect

Small businesses, home offices, and even single-line businesses can enjoy feature-rich service traditionally reserved for large companies for less than the cost of a local Telco business line—by using business-class IP voice.

Bigger businesses: Before you buy, replace or expand your PBX you need to look at VoIP, and if you are looking at VoIP you need to check out Tactical Digital’s Hosted IP PBX service and Polycom’s digital SIP-standard IP phone sets with HD voice.

Don’t put a PBX in your closet; outsource it to Tactical Digital. Capital savings, maintenance savings, space savings, flexibility, enhanced disaster recovery, scalability, seamless mobility, unified multi-site communications, and flat-rate long distance are some of the advantages of our hosted business IP solution and Polycom phones.

Tactical Digital also offers IP call termination (SIP Trunking), Internet access and other telecommunications services

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