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Conferencing: Audio/Web/Video

More than ever, it’s critical to connect your business and its customers with powerful conferencing services, including audio conferencing, web conferencing, streaming, continuing education, and video conferencing. Tactical Digital represents some of the top conferencing providers in the industry.

We help you explore all of the possibilities that are right for your business, presenting the features and functions that improve your business productivity. We’ll demonstrate them and make sure they fit your business goals and constraints. There is no charge for our services, which include return on investment analysis, transition planning, and execution.

Further, through our trusted partners we offer both on-premise and off-premise models. On-premise models give you the option of owning your own hardware and works with any existing voice or data network. Not sure which conferencing solution is right for you? Our experts will help guide you in choosing the conferencing products and services that meet the unique needs of your business or government agency.

Whether you need occasional service for one, or have a large corporate requirement with a need for thousands of minutes per month, one of our partners has the service and the price point that fits your requirements.

Our conferencing services are powered by PGI (Premiere Global), Level3 Communications (formerly Global Crossing), Arkadin, and Sonexis.

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