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Online Data Backup

Stop worrying about backing up your workstation or server data. Stop worrying about getting the backup offsite. Install an online, offsite managed solution and forget about it. You’ll get notified if it ever gets interrupted.

We offer services with easy-to-configure solutions for Windows servers, workstations and laptops. LiveVault Online Continuous Backup for servers continuously monitors the hard drives and moves file changes off to a secure offsite vault right after the changes are made. A failure at 2 PM can be recovered from just a few minutes earlier. Backup services for workstations and laptops work overnight, automatically vaulting files and email messages that were changed or newly added the previous day.

You can fine-tune the automated offsite backup to create the required number of safesets for each set of files and folders. Exchange or other Email platforms can be archived and restored down to the user or individual message.

Is your current backup solution going to work when catastrophe strikes? Does it comply with government mandated standards? Don’t wait until you feel the pain. Ask us for more info and a quote today.

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