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Today the convergence of backup, data restoration, and regulatory archiving with operational processing in the cloud requires secure visibility and control over all forms of data, along with automated, conceptual, policy-based processes. Based on Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), Autonomy Meaning Based Data Protection applies automatic advanced analytics, categorization, and clustering to all types of data – including rich and social media – to allow organizations to stay ahead of the convergence of backup and recovery with operational processing in the cloud. Moreover, Autonomy provides unprecedented security and scalability in the cloud, adhering to global certification standards such as SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS, US DOD 5015.02, UK TNA2002, and Australia’s VERS.

Autonomy Meaning Based Data Protection allows organizations to maximize their business value, from reducing IT costs to providing trend and sentiment analysis of critical data, and leverage the full benefits of eDiscovery, collecting data and derive meaning it in order to move it to the correct repository. Just as Autonomy correctly predicted the convergence of regulatory archive and search, transforming the archiving market from one that was commoditized to a holistic, meaning-based approach powered by IDOL, so too Autonomy is committed to transforming the future of data protection.



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