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Running successful and profitable audio conferencing events means turning basic audio conferences into an audio production that’s customized to meet your needs and your audience’s expectations. BeaconLive realizes the importance of “producing” a professional audio conference event for your customers. Your calls need to run seamlessly and with exceptional quality.


Webinars are essentially seminars presented over the web to your audience around the world. When you choose to partner with BeaconLive to deliver your webinar, we allow you to concentrate on developing your expert content and filling the virtual seats in the web room, and we’ll take care of the registration, delivery, and administering the final exams.

As Continuing Education grows in many fields, webinars are becoming the optimal way to deliver further training for educating professionals in their occupation. There is no easier way to do this than by hosting webinars with expert presenters delivering expert content to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

BeaconLive webinar platform provides you with:

  • Download this flyer
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Live video & audio streaming
  • Surveys & polls
  • Web Cam Integration
  • Recorded video playback
  • NO downloads required
  • Upload presenter pictures & bios
  • Customizable & brandable
  • Effortless control passing
  • Integrated chat/Q&A feature
  • Detailed reporting
  • Dozens of supported file types
  • Allow attendees to download conference materials
  • Multiple Continuing Education delivery options
  • Ability to send each attendee a certificate following the participation during a webinar


 Continuing Education

BeaconCE : Continuing Education Platform

When BeaconLive partnered with their CE clients to solve an issue that required the verification of training for their attendees, we assigned ourselves with the mission to develop a customizable application that would perform random tests to the webinar audience. Soon after introducing the verification code, BeaconLive created additional features for their CE customers, including administering final exams, automated delivery of certificates and made BeaconCE features available during webcast and during OnDemand Playbacks.

Automated Certificate Delivery

After completing your online event, are you finding that you still have a lot of work to complete before calling the event a success? Why not allow BeaconLive to automate not only the follow up emails, but the delivery of certificates confirming attendance and completion of the online event. We can provide you with certificate options, or you can provide your own template, which we will automatically populate with the attendees’ information upon completing the event. Simultaneously, we will deliver the certificate information to the host and the accrediting bureau on your behalf.

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