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inContact is the world’s number one provider of cloud-based contact center solutions. inContact offers robust call routing software and a full line of workforce optimization tools to increase the efficiency of contact center agents—all in the cloud. Plus, inContact is the only company that has paired a software offering with telecommunications network connectivity.

inContact Platform

The inContact platform is built around getting the call to the right agent at the right time. And because labor makes up a significant majority of the total operational costs of a contact center, inContact has not only contact routing solutions but also workforce optimization to facilitate agent hiring, scheduling, coaching and more. Some of the solutions in the inContact portfolio include:

  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD) – The backbone of the inContact portfolio is an ACD that directs the caller to the appropriate agent through a mix of criteria such as skills-based routing.
  • Interactive Voice response (IVR) – The inContact IVR allows customers to self-solve on basic functions like bill pay, account inquiries and more. When a call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by enabling customers to take care of business after-hours.
  • Blended Predictive Dialer – The inContact dialer tools give the complete outbound functionality of a predictive dialer but can also add a blended dialer which moves agents back and forth between inbound and outbound duties to meet current call levels
  • Workforce Management (WFM) – WFM enables contact centers to forecast call volumes based on historical call data and other criteria then generate an agent schedule required to meet the expected call demands at SLA. It provides complete deviation alerts, adherence reporting and self service options.
  • Hiring – Hiring helps contact centers hire the right agent through a set of web-delivered agent assessments. The tool helps to reduce agent attrition and increase customer satisfaction due to agent expertise.
  • Quality Management – inContact’s Quality Management scores agents’ performance against defined and monitored objectives then provides a scorecard which can be used to assist in further training and development.
  • eLearning – inContact’s eLearning software enables contact center managers to create custom training content which is delivered directly to agent desktops. The training can be delivered during ‘training breaks’ when call volumes are low so it doesn’t interfere with service levels, or to agents who have been identified with skill gaps.
  • Screen Recording – Screen Recording provides contact center agents and managers the ability to record screens during calls for compliance and continuity purposes.
  • Reporting – A powerful reporting tool that enables you to evaluate performance, access trends and apply business intelligence to the decision making process.
  • CRM Plug-In Agent – A plug-in that integrates the inContact interface into popular CRM applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and RightNow Technologies.

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